Troops 501 & 501G encourage service, community engagement and leadership. Scouts will learn to lead activities and work their way toward earning rank advancement.

We emphasize Scouting skills, and personal growth. By participating in the troop activities, a scout has fun adventures, faces achievable challenges, and gains confidence.

Report Your Advancement

Click on the button that applies to your troop. Boys, you'll be taken to an e-mail address.
Girls, you'll be taken to a Google form to notify us of your progress.  If you do not have a Google Account:
GIRLS: email your 501G Advancement Coordinator here.
BOYS: email your 501 Advancement Coordinator here.


Rank Advancement

A Scout plans their own advancement and progresses at their own pace. Steps in advancement help a Scout achieve self-reliance and the ability to help others.



The first rank of Scouting can be earned as soon as youths join a troop by applying and memorizing some scouting basics.



Becoming a Tenderfoot provides basic skills to begin preparing the Scout for higher adventure outings. 


Second Class

Building their outdoor survival and camping skills, new skills are mastered. One should be able to lead a hike, care for equipment, set up a campsite, and perform basic first aid.


First Class

Having learned all the outdoor skills, First Class Scouts can fend for themselves in the wild, plan and prepare meals, and provide first aid for most situations.



The Star rank is attained with leadership, participation, service, and advancement through merit badges. The Scout now moves from being a learner to being a leader.



Life Scout rank is earned through leadership, service hours, and merit badges. They become a role model and leader in the troop, guiding and encouraging others.



Attaining the Eagle rank is often the end goal of a Scout. After reaching Eagle, one can continue to earn merit badges and be rewarded with Palms for each 5 additional merit badges. 

Here's The Scoop

In Troop 501 & 501G, each Scout is in charge of their own advancement. Progress at your own pace. We offer troop activities, service projects, and outings, all while providing opportunities for growth, leadership, learning and rank advancement. 

  • Trips - Troops 501 & 501G plan many varied trips each year. Scouts will learn about camping, hiking, kayaking, winter survival, rock climbing and more, while accomplishing their advancement goals.
  • Merit Badges - There are more than 135 merit badges, and a Scout may earn any of these at any time. Before you begin: Read the requirements of the merit badges that interest you. Some may have prerequisites. Get a Blue Card from the troop leaders and bring it with you to your first merit badge meeting. When you've completed the course, your merit badge counselor will sign your Blue Card. You'll then give the Blue Card to the advancement coordinator. Merit badges can be earned through our troop's Merit Badge Counselors, during summer camps, such as Camp Trask and Cherry Valley, or at Arcadia Wilderness Park, For merit badge information and workbooks: click here
  • Eagle Required Merit Badges - If you are striving for Eagle, there are 13 required merit badges (1) First Aid, (2) Citizenship in the Community, (3) Citizenship in the Nation, (4) Citizenship in the World, (5) Communication, (6) Cooking, (7) Personal Fitness, (8) Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving, (9) Environmental Science OR Sustainability, (10) Personal Management, (11) Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling, (12) Camping, and (13) Family Life. For more Eagle information: click here
  • Leadership - Scouts have the opportunity to develop leadership skills in many areas. As part of the advancement process, serving as a Patrol Leader, Scribe, Quartermaster, etc., not only serves the troop, but prepares the Scouts to be leaders throughout their lives.
  • Service - Troops 501 & 501G provide many opportunities within our community for Scouts to accumulate service hours while helping others. 

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